Directions for Battery Maintenance

We have collected our know-hows for optimal
DTR Automotive battery maintenance.

How to Store Your Battery

    Tips for Storing Your Battery

  • Before storage, check according to product instructions. If needed, charge, then store.
  • Avoid flammable areas.
  • Ensure the (+) terminal and (-) terminal do not causeshort-circuits.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Recommended storage temperature is 10 ~ 25 ° C.
  • The battery will slowly deplete even during storage.
    To recover the lost capacity by self-discharge, check once every three months according to charging directions, and charge if needed.
  • Unless stored in a box, do not keep batteries standing on top of one another.
  • To prevent dropping or leakage, keep the batteries upright.
  • Keep batteries on a rack or pallet rather than the floor.
    Small pebbles or points on concrete floors may cause damage to the batteries and cause leakage.

Tips for Transporting Your Batteries

  • Do not tilt or overturn the battery when transporting.
    The electrolyte may leak and cause damage to clothing or cause burns.
  • Batteries are heavy. Do not transport with a heavy load.
    It may cause injuries due to falling or damaging during transportation..